ISWS 2022

John Domingue, KMi Director
ISWS Summer School: Decentralisation, Blockchains and Solid Resource

This resource provides support for students attending the ISWS 2022 Summer School on Knowledge Graphs and Artificial Intelligence. In particular, from here students can use our LinkChains infrastructure to store RDF in Tim Berners-Lee Solid store and the verify RDF data sets within a live blockchain (Rinkby Dev).

The overall goal of this resource is to allow students to explore themes around decentralisation, user empowerment and self sovereignty of data and semantics. For the 2022 summer school we are exploring the possibilities of creating a
Privacy Preserving Ethical 'Black Box' for All Semantic Construction and Data Usage. That is using blockchains and Solid can we create a universal recording system for all data storage and semantic use that would preserve privacy.

The benefits that would arise if we could create this would be:

  • Data processors could prove that they are processing user data ethically
  • Semantic data developers could prove that their artifacts act in an ethical manner e.g. without gender or racial bias
  • We would have a transparent way to understand how semantics are used in real time

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Aisling Third, Research Fellow

Michelle Bachler, Research & Innovation Software Manager

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