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John Domingue, KMi Director
Self Sovereign Generative AI with Solid, Blockchains and Knowledge Graphs

Prompts for Generative AI systems such as Midjourney and ChatGPT are valuable. For example, the German artist Boris Eldagsen who created the winner for the Sony world photography awards said that the prompt took many hours to create. Also, Prompt base is a new marketplace for buying and selling prompts.

In this project we will explore how decentralised, technologies such as Solid, from Sir Tim Berners-Lee, blockchains and verifiable credentials as well as knowledge graphs can support self sovereignty in this space. That is an ecosystem where prompts are wholly owned and managed by authors and credit can flow as prompts are used, re-used and adapted. Imagine a combination of AirBnB, Spotify and Netflix for Generative AI prompts but totally owned and managed by individuals or communities.

List of research questions:

  • From a KG perspective what is a prompt?
  • How can we index prompts using a KG?
  • What does ownership of a prompt mean? If a prompt is adapted?
  • How can decentralised technologies including:
    • Solid - personalised data stores (
    • Blockchains/Smart Contracts - decentralised platform recording the ownership and transfer of assets.
    • Verifiable Credentials - W3C standard for recording claims in a self sovereign way. (
    • Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL) - W3C standard for representing statements about the usage of content and services.

To assist you in your aims at the summer school, we have written a demonstrator that shows a collection of software, working together to create a client-side application that can validate RDF datasets on the blockchain using the Linkchain library.

Here is the overall architecture of the elements in the demonstrator:
Architecture diagram of the demonstrator

For a detailed description of how to prepare for and use the demonstrator and its libraries, please see the Documentation linked to below.

Source Code

Ethereum Tesnet Explorers

International Semantic Web Research Summer School Homepage

Aisling Third, Research Fellow

Michelle Bachler, Research & Innovation Software Manager

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